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From Early Development to Commercialization

With a breadth of product development and technical
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and human elements required to transform organizations, we are
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When you need a life science consulting partner you can trust, rely on Halloran.

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Clinical Development & Operations

Our clinical development and operational services span clinical program leadership, clinical project management, clinical organizational leadership, and people development and coaching. From strategic development plans and study design to vendor selection and oversight, we help our clients map the path, identify and mitigate risks, and keep their clinical programs on track.

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Data Solutions

Our Data Solutions services leverage our depth in life sciences, innovative data strategies, and digital technology to accelerate development and improve performance through the use of data-generated insights. We help organizations innovate around the use of data and transform them into data-driven organizations for long-lasting success.

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Organizational Excellence

Our Organizational services leverage our depth in life sciences to improve performance through people, process, technology. We help our clients achieve organizational excellence by optimizing process efficiencies and aiding in the implementation of needed organizational change. We guide organizations to innovate around today’s challenges while building the foundation for tomorrow’s success.

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Quality & Compliance

We help our clients achieve their quality policies and best practices. We perform organizational quality assessments, audits, and inspection readiness activities to evaluate our client’s adherence to procedures and regulatory requirements and to determine how effectively the QMS is implemented. We guide our clients through harmonization plans to help them become streamlined and fit-for-purpose quality organizations.

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Regulatory Affairs & Operations

Our regulatory services span every stage of our client’s development, from the preparation of early regulatory strategies for preclinical interactions to commercial and post-marketing activities. We guide our clients through early stage strategic planning to global health authority meetings and post approval changes. Our regulatory advisors help guide development and submission strategies, accelerated regulatory pathways, and when needed, we’ll even stand in as our client’s regulatory team to get them over any hurdle along the way.

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Strategic Program Leadership & Management

Our Halloran experts with deep expertise in science and advanced knowledge of the development and commercialization lifecycle, lead our clients thru their most challenging business goals to achieve their greatest chance of success. Whether we are leading new company formation with a fully integrated development team at the ready, enabling investments with robust diligence or market assessments, or providing accelerated, durable development strategies for enhanced company value creation, we are your development partner.

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Data & Technology

Our technology solutions services enable technology and digital transformations at any scale. We take an integrated approach to define the right, fit-for-purpose technology roadmap for our clients. We help our client meet their key business objectives by enlisting automated workflows, compliance, privacy and security, and data-driven decision-making approaches. We support our clients’ technology infrastructure from strategy and software design through quality and regulatory support.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials

The world is changing, and clinical trials are changing with it. Our decentralized clinical trial services are implemented to guide our clients through assessing, designing, deploying, and managing fit-for-purpose, agile solutions that enable hybrid or fully virtual clinical trials. We help our clients stay ahead of the game with tailored approaches that fortify their clinical trials with decentralized capabilities.

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