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MedExec Women 2024

Tue, Apr 2nd 2024 - Tue, Apr 2nd 2024
Boston, MA

Halloran will be participating at this year’s MedExec Women 2024 in Boston, MA, with Kanchana Iyer, Senior Consultant, Regulatory Affairs, serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the panel discussing “Bridging Regulatory & Reimbursement Strategies for Success.”

About this panel: Regulatory and reimbursement strategies are changing to provide great benefit to the medtech world. How can we find innovative solutions to navigate the complex regulatory and reimbursement landscape and create streamlined approaches for faster market access? The panel will address:  What are emerging trends or future regulatory changes and how should companies prepare to adapt to these changes proactively?  How to leverage regulatory intelligence and predictive insights to anticipate changes, proactively navigate complex regulatory landscapes, and optimize reimbursement strategies? How does regulatory support AI in the development of innovative products? What are best practices in collaboration and networking with regulatory bodies, reimbursement experts and other stakeholders to successfully navigate successful market adoption?

MedExecWomen is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers female executives to accelerate the positive impact of medical devices, diagnostics, drug delivery, and digital healthcare around the world.

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