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Convergence Forum 2024

Thu, May 9th 2024 - Fri, May 10th 2024
Cape Cod, MA

Meet the Halloran team at Convergence 2024 in Cape Cod, MA, where our Chief Innovation Officer, Katie McCarthy will lead a lunch panel discussion on (Not So) Failure to Launch: How to Successfully Move from Development to Commercialization.

Abstract: Drug discovery and development is a long, costly, and high-risk journey that takes 10-15 years with an average cost of over $1-2B for each new drug to be approved. While many emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies successfully navigate the early transition from research to development, 90% of clinical drug development fails even backed by the best of strategies. For developers and investors, this risk is all too common. While turning great science into a product starts with impeccable strategy, that is just one part of the equation. Join us for an interactive luncheon panel to move beyond risk and into possibility, learn common obstacles and pitfalls, and gather best practices to implement on the path to commercialization.

Convergence exists to explore those questions (and many others), with a high-level audience interested in what’s happening in the rapidly-converging worlds of biotech, pharma, healthcare, medical devices, and the Internet.

The Convergence Forum fosters real debate and discussion among audiences that are every bit as high-level as the speakers.  The programs provide an opportunity for participants to make important new contacts, do business, explore important new directions in research, delve deeply into what it takes to maintain competitive advantage in a fast-changing world, and leave feeling recharged

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