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Welcome to Halloran where innovation meets precision in data and technology services. Dive into the cutting-edge intersection of data analytics and life sciences expertise, empowering your journey from drug development to clinical trials. Experience the forefront of technology as we integrate state-of-the-art solutions to accelerate research and streamline processes. Uncover actionable insights that drive progress and optimize operations, forging collaborative partnerships dedicated to your success. Trust in our commitment to reliability, compliance, and security, safeguarding your data as the foundation for groundbreaking discoveries. Elevate your potential with Halloran—pioneering the future of healthcare and biotechnology. Explore today, where innovation opens doors to infinite possibilities!


  • Biocom California’s first annual Converge Summit, recently held in South San Francisco, brought together life science leaders and executives to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, strengthen relationships, and spark innovation. When we think of innovation for this industry, the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical trials has steadily gained momentum, particularly around the opportunities and […]

  • A Trial Master File (TMF) is an ecosystem of documents used by monitors, auditors, assessors, and sponsors to demonstrate that a clinical trial has been conducted in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and the approved protocol.  The TMF is an essential quality process, enabling documentation of all activity that has been performed during the […]

  • Halloran’s CORE East, a three-day intensive retreat for clinical operations executives and life science leaders, is the epicenter of a movement aiming to disrupt the traditional landscape of clinical research.   The best and brightest came together and sought to revolutionize the drug development process and its impact on healthcare. A few sessions emphasized embracing the […]