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Immerse yourself in the forefront of Life Science Quality & Compliance with Halloran, where cutting-edge solutions redefine industry standards. Our streamlined approach prioritizes precision and adherence, optimizing every facet from quality assurance to regulatory compliance. Dive into data-driven insights that empower informed decisions, offering a comprehensive understanding of quality and compliance intricacies. Forge collaborative partnerships with a dedicated team, overcoming challenges and achieving milestones that set new benchmarks in the life sciences. Trust in our reliability at every stage, where accuracy, compliance, and security ensure the integrity of your data. Elevate your quality and compliance potential with Halloran’s tailored solutions, pioneering the future of excellence in life sciences. Ready to redefine industry standards? Explore Halloran today, where innovation and compliance converge to open doors to boundless possibilities!


  • Clinical trial audits serve as a tool to assess if a given auditee has the required qualifications and capabilities to conduct a set of tasks. Auditing assesses standards and regulations that have or will be met. Clinical trial activities may be delegated to vendors or suppliers, including Contract Research Organizations (CROs), sample processing laboratories, Contract […]

  • Quality governance can be defined as an overarching framework that provides assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and continuous quality improvement while enabling the risk and issue escalation process. Quality governance structures and processes provide transparency to an organization’s leadership on how well the Quality Management System (QMS) is functioning. It is through the […]

  • The International Council for Harmonisation draft guideline, ICH E6(R3), released on May 19, 2023, provides implications for Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM).  Considering the updates, John Sikora, Associate Principal Consultant at Halloran presented at Momentum’s annual GCP Inspection Readiness conference. John’s presentation, “Examining the Impact of ICH E6 (R3) on RBQM, Oversight Procedures and GCP Inspection […]