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CRO Selection & Qualification

How we help with CRO Selection & Qualification

The process of selecting and qualifying vendors for clinical trials is cumbersome and expensive. Halloran routinely provides qualifying and selecting the right vendor and negotiating optimal terms of the engagement which are critical to the timely completion of a high-quality study.

Our process starts with a narrow pool of candidate CROs or vendors who meet the highest-level performance criteria, provide uniform specifications to facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons, and critically review budgets, experience, data solutions, technology infrastructure, and other factors qualitatively and quantitatively. We assist our clients in budget and scope negotiations that help them avoid future change orders or surprises and incorporate risk-sharing incentives and penalties wherever possible.

We utilize our team’s extensive industry knowledge and experience to ensure an objective evaluation that takes into consideration any mitigating risks you may encounter to land at an optimal project outcome.