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Clinical Trial Leadership: Enhancing Efficiencies and Reducing Risk

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Clinical Trial Leadership: Enhancing Efficiencies and Reducing Risk


A small biotech developing an innovative therapy needed to retain a clinical trial leader as they were launching their trial at multiple sites. The company experienced two cycles of leadership turnover, resulting in lagging strategy and operations. They needed to immediately hire an expert to drive progress forward, while they mindfully sought their full-time replacement.


To advance their goals the client needed to stabilize operations, establish processes, align roles and responsibilities, improve culture, foster trust, provide mentorship, and enable employees to focus on their workstreams. They needed to do this all simultaneously to drive efficiency and reduce the real risk of study startup delay.


Up against a tight timeline, minimal resources, and numerous inefficiencies, the client chose Halloran because of our deep expertise, and ability to jump right into the midst of operations and quickly get up to speed. They needed to slow down and focus on finding the right replacement while knowing an expert could stabilize and enhance their clinical operations and infrastructure.

Halloran’s step-by-step approach:


Within the first month, the client shared that – on several different levels – they had already noticed a positive impact. As the six-month engagement ended, the client’s operations improved, and noted enhanced, streamlined processes, and observed better internal and external relationships with sites and vendors. Halloran enabled them to focus on finding the right replacement while having confidence the ongoing trial would continue to reach critical milestones. As the client brought in their permanent hire, Halloran collaborated to assure a manageable and seamless transition; by the time the engagement ended, all projects were either completed or handed off to the new hire in an achievable fashion.

“We got more done in these new meetings than in the past due to Halloran’s efficient processes and prioritization. It allowed us to ‘take a breath’ as we searched for our permanent replacement – all the while, knowing that things were continuing to drive forward.”

– Client feedback

Clinical Trial Leadership and Operations

Halloran’s clinical program experts assume clinical program leadership and clinical project management roles within your organization to help you drive your team’s success from strategic planning to implementation. Halloran’s interim program leadership and project management leaders offer you a competitive advantage because of our insights and learnings from our vast client portfolio. When it comes to staffing your clinical team, resources need to expand and be as fluid as possible during times of intense financial fluctuations. Hiring full-time employees, with overhead costs, can be an expensive proposition. Using Halloran’s deep bench, our experts meet you where you are and provide the necessary clinical guidance and leadership your team may need in the short term. Our experts are backed by the resources of an entire Halloran bench who can provide essential insights.

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