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Interviewing at Halloran

We are so excited to move you along to this next stage of the interview process at Halloran. We can't wait to learn more about you and, equally as important, to showcase what Halloran, as your potential employer, has to offer you. We hope that this page can serve as a helpful resource to prepare for your interview and help you learn more about all that we do and all that you can be a part of!


This next phase of our process is a long-form Zoom interview. We set up our panels in such a way that allows you to meet as many of the relevant folks and functions whom you would work to learn more about how you would collaborate if hired, and allow you to pick their brain on what working at Halloran is like. A top-notch candidate experience is very important to all that we do at Halloran, and we are committed to living out the behaviors outlined in the Candidate Bill of Rights on our Careers page. As always, the Talent Acquisition team is here as your guides throughout this process; don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions to them! For now, though, we wish you the best of luck as you prepare for your interview and look forward to “seeing” you soon!

Interviewing Tips

  • Zoom – Use Google. We find that the video call will work best on Google Chrome –please use Chrome, if possible!
  • Behavioral – Come with examples. Whether interviewing for a billing or non-billing role, we see any role at Halloran as inherently consultative in nature and our interview process reflects this. You will see a number of questions posed to you that ask you to speak about your experience; we look forward to hearing what you have done, what you have learned, and how you can bring these lessons to help make Halloran better!

The Halloran Dictionary:

Every company has its own lingo, and Halloran is no different. Here are just a few of the most common “Halloran” terms you may hear throughout your interview day:

Our People Are Our Product – Halloran is nothing without the fantastic employees who drive our client projects forward and are committed to ensuring that our internal operations are as top-notch and innovative as the solutions that we provide. Every decision made at any level at Halloran is made with our people in mind; we take the voices of our people very seriously and seek to give ample opportunities for our people to share what Halloran can do to make the organization the best place it can possibly be.

Your Day, Your Way – Flexibility has been a key part of Halloran since its inception (more on the Halloran story later on the page!). Whether we are one employee or 100+, we want our folks to be able to build a day that works for you. We have open calendars, so feel free to block off time to go to your favorite spin class. Want to take a break in the middle of the day to enjoy some beautiful weather? Choose “taking a quick break” on our Slack messaging system. Whatever each day presents to you in terms of needing to balance your work obligations with the other responsibilities in your life, Halloran will give you as much leeway as possible to achieve the perfect harmony and integration of all of these.

One Team, One Dream – Nothing done at Halloran is done alone. We work in team environments internally and with our consultants, bringing together the best minds and varied perspectives to ensure comprehensive, well-thought-out plans and strategies. We work together, we achieve together, and we celebrate together. With our mission statement, “Improving human health by making life science companies better at what they do,” to guide us, our Core Values as our moral compass, and the entrepreneurial spirit we embed into our operations, we are united towards collective and collaborative success!

Damn Good – We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Halloran and “Damn Good” encapsulates that. It’s bold, it’s disruptive, and it’s fun; basically, Halloran in a phrase. We use this phrase liberally; you might hear us say we’re damn good consultants or have damn good benefits. One thing, though, is assured; we think you’re about to have a damn good time interviewing!

Putting Our Core Values Into Action

Laurie Halloran fell into clinical research starting at a CRO. After years of industry experience, Laurie realized life science companies needed seasoned experts to navigate regulatory, clinical, and operational challenges that occur during each development stage. Since 1998, Halloran has grown into a successful consultancy of experts who are dedicated to positively impacting life science companies.

Halloran’s Secret Sauce is a culture of great ideas, close collaboration, and a passion to do what is right for our clients and the patients they serve. As we have grown as an organization, we have and will continue to monitor the “flavor” of the secret sauce in order to make sure that at 10, 50, or 150 employees, the things that made Halloran great will continue to do so.

A key part of the Secret Sauce is our Core Values: Doing the Right Thing, Expertise with Personality, Mutual Respect, and Getting it Done, Together. Our core values are brought to life through every employee, which is how we improve human health and make life science companies better at what they do. We take time in our staff meetings, as well as in the Weekly Roundup and Praise (WRAP) meeting to recognize those who demonstrate outstanding core values.

Halloran fully embodies a “One Team, One Dream” mentality and we are passionate about assembling the strongest team in the industry. As we continue to grow in not only the amount of expertise, but the types of expertise we have, our consultants benefit from being able to pull from the wealth of knowledge available from and provided by our team members.