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Women Leadership in Biotech Summer Webinar Series | How to be Proactive as a Networker

Wed, Aug 17th 2022 - Wed, Aug 17th 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This August, Halloran will once again join The Conference Forum to conclude their four-part “Women Leadership in Biotech Summer Webinar Series” where women leaders will speak about their career journeys and offer advice around the challenges and opportunities in navigating a biotech career. This free webinar series is designed primarily for women leaders at all levels, but all are welcome. 


We all know that networking is essential in building a community, ideas and actions. Networking can at times require a strategic and creative approach. It can also require planning and most certainly stepping outside one’s comfort zone. In this webinar, our group of experienced biotech executives share best practices on how to be a more effective networker and how to maximize networking opportunities. In addition, we also address: 

The fourth and final installment of this webinar series will be moderated by Edith A Perez, MDCMO of Bolt Biotherapeutics, and will feature Halloran’s President & CEO Laurie Halloran as a panelist.

Other panelists include:

There is no fee to attend, but registration is required. Please visit The Conference Forum’s website to register if interested.

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