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Advancing Drug Development Forum 2023

Thu, Dec 14th 2023 - Thu, Dec 14th 2023
Boston, MA


This forum is designed to allow free-flowing dialogue and plenty of time has been woven throughout the day to assure interactive quality networking. 

The forum strives to attract and stimulate dialogue with key opinion leaders in biotech and pharma, executive leadership, senior directors, consultants, and a close network of CROs and CDMOs to further explore novel solutions, promising technology breakthroughs, and hearing how the entrepreneurial industry leaders are introducing and incorporating novel approaches in small molecule drug development, changing timelines and ROIs. Hear for yourself, how you can speed up your timelines and improve your product quality. 

The program will include two keynote presentations, the first presentation of the day is an interview with a biotech CEO who has seen their company change dramatically within the last year. The second keynote is from an Academic that is bringing future innovations to the industry. At the end of the day, a fireside chat is moderated by two inspiring individuals from our industry. 

Throughout the program, there are several provocative and focused panel discussions and plenty of opportunity for inactive dialogue between faculty and attendees. It is imperative that everyone comes open-minded, ready to explore and share various approaches so that together we can find better ways to break down barriers and improve past standard methods for developing complex and challenging drug formulation and manufacturing methods.

Within our scope, we will learn better ways for biotech and pharma executives, consultants, CROs, and CDMOs to learn to communicate, form strong relationships. and work seamlessly together. Discuss together how critical it is to invest one’s resources with the right partners to break down the barriers, and meet the demands and expectations to develop high quality.

Together, we will push each other to explore better ways to face new challenges that still lie ahead while searching for better solutions and begin to be more entrepreneurial, and more efficient and incorporate technologies in development.

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