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41st Annual Quality Conference BOSCON2023

Mon, Nov 6th 2023 - Tue, Nov 7th 2023
Boston, MA

BOSCON is an eagerly anticipated gathering that brings together the brightest minds and leading experts in quality. Over the course of two days, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in a rich program comprising keynote speeches, interactive workshops, panel discussions, paper presentations, and networking sessions.

At BOSCON, we believe in the power of collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. The event offers a vibrant and inclusive environment that encourages participants to share their knowledge, expertise, and insights. We aim to spark innovation and drive progress in our field by facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering interdisciplinary conversations.

Whether you are an academic, researcher, industry professional, or an aspiring student, BOSCON offers a platform to connect, learn, and thrive. Join us as we collectively shape the future of quality and create lasting impacts on a global scale.

We look forward to your active participation and the valuable contributions you will bring to this exciting conference experience.

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