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CORE West 2023 Attendees

Alpana Loomba, (Former) Vice President & Head of Clinical Operations, Allogene Therapeutics
Arvinder Dhalla, Vice President, Clinical Development, Rani Therapeutics
Benjamin Knisely, Director, Clinical Operations, Avidity Biosciences
Betsy Ricketts, Vice President, Policy Government & Public Affairs, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Bruno Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Global Clinical Operations, Opthea
Candace Saldarini, Director, Applied Innovation, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies
Cathryn Bennett, Vice President, Clinical Operations, HighTide Therapeutics
Cathi Sciacca, Owner, Principal Consultant, Carlsbad Clinical
Chris Cunningham, Senior Director, Federal Government Relations, California Life Sciences
Chris Hickey, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Nucleus Networks
Christina Miles, Vice President, Global Strategic Accounts, Worldwide Clinical Trials
Cynthia Bellas, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, BRANY
Dan O’Connell, Head of US Sales, eClinical
Dana Cho, Chief Design Officer, Verily Life Sciences
Dana Niedzielska, Chief Executive Officer, August Research
Darren Hart, Senior Vice President, Development, Graphite Bio
David Hinds, Senior Vice President, Development Operations, Jasper Therapeutics
Denis Mir, Executive Director, Global Clinical Operations, Grace Science
Derek Ansel, Executive Director, Therapeutic Strategy Lead, Rare Diseases, Worldwide Clinical Trials
Erica Lawson, Director, Applied Innovation, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies
Erin Sandy, Clinical Trial Manager, Avidity Biosciences
Haifa Tyler, Senior Director, Chinook Therapeutics
Ian Greenfield, Chief Strategy Officer, Y-Prime
Jacquline Blem, President, Cardiff Clinical Consulting
Jason Milovanovic, Vice President, Clinical Development & Operations, Halloran Consulting Group
Jen Catour, Senior Consultant, Organizational & Quality Solutions, Halloran Consulting Group
Jeremy Edwards, Executive Vice President, Strategic Services, YPrime
Jessica Scott, President, Legacy Health Strategies
Jessica Shurr, Head of Clinical Operations, AD, AceLink Therapeutics
Jillian Tygh, Vice President, Marketing, Datacubed Health
Jocelyn Ashford, Founder, Rare Advocate
Jude Ngang, Executive Director Representation in Clinical Research, Amgen
Julie Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Scimega Research
Katie McCarthy, Chief Innovation Officer, Halloran Consulting Group
Katy Armstrong, Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology, Research & Early Development ClinOps, Genentech
Kimberly Chau, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Exai Bio
Kitty Yale, Executive Vice President & CDO, Akero Therapeutics
Kristi Clark, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Avidity Biosciences
Kyle Hogan, President, Datacubed Health
Laurie Halloran, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Halloran Consulting Group
Lorena Kanu, Clinical Research Director, Infectious Disease, Merck
Lori McDermott, Chief Operating Officer, LumaBridge
LaTanya Tomlinson, Vice President, Development Operations, Tenaya Therapeutics
Malachi Bierstein, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, ScienceMedia
Mari Maurer, Executive Consultant, Pharma Solutions
Maria Coakley, Events Manager, Halloran Consulting Group
Mark Milberg, Senior Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Mark Surles, Chief Executive Officer, ScienceMedia
Mark Epstein, Chief Growth Officer, Bioforum
Martin Roche, Chief Business Officer, eClinical 
Meisa Propst, Vice President, Clinical Operations, InCarda Therapeutics
Melissa Wissner, Head of Solutions Consulting, Verily Life Sciences
Mike Sobczyk, Clinical Quality Assurance Consultant, JMCQA
Mollie Barrett, Director, Global Clinical Operations, CSL Behring
Monica Eason, Clinical Operations Portfolio Leader, GNE and Roche
Nadeeka Dias, Principal Solutions Consultant, Verily Life Sciences
Natasha Risotto-Scholtes, Clinical Research Director, Oncology Early Development, Merck
Niall O’Donnell, Managing Director, RiverVest Venture Partners
Owen Garrick, CMO, Clinical Trial Services, CVS Health
Paige Ellison, Head of Clinical Study Operations, Chinook Therapeutics
Pritu Sampeur, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Astex Pharmaceuticals
Priya Ryali, Director, Head of Clinical Operations, ReCode Therapeutics
Raj Indupuri, Chief Executive Officer, eClinical
Rashida Challenger, Senior Consultant, Clinical Operations, Halloran Consulting Group
Richard White, Manager of Federal Advocacy, Biocom California
Roberta Duncan, Vice President, mRNA Program CSL, Seqirus
Rolf Benirschke, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Legacy Health Strategies
Ryan Brown, Vice President, Diversity Solutions, Circuit Clinical
Salam Ammus, Executive Director, Clinical Data Management, Alkermes
Sandy Clabaugh, Business Development Director, Northern California, eClinical
Scott Chetham, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Faro Health
Scott McCulloch, Head of Clinical QA/PV, ReCode Therapeutics
Shantal Feltham, President & Chief Executive Officer, Stiris Research
Sheila Gwizdak, Vice President, Organizational & Quality Solutions, Halloran Consulting Group
Shweta Gupta, Director, Clinical Operations, CymaBay Therapeutics
Sonya Martin, Director, Site Management and Monitoring (US), Merck
Susan Owen, VP, Clinical Operations, Pliant Therapeutics
Susan Greenbowe, Executive Director, Clinical QA, Chinook Therapeutics
Suzanne Vyvoda, Vice President, Head of Development Operations, Telavant
Suzie Molon, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Avidity Biosciences
Tania Zieja, President, Halloran Consulting Group
Todd Johnson, Vice President, Global Solutions, Lokavant
Trisha Mortier, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Avidity Biosciences