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Chasing Your Data…and Winning the Race!

Lessons Learned from a Virtual Town Hall held on November 20, 2020

As an industry, we produce data. Lots of it. It is inherent to what we do and clearly necessary for bringing innovative therapies to patients. Whether it is monitoring patient data for safety, or operational data for oversight purposes, the pandemic has escalated data accessibility to a top strategic priority for companies. Increasingly, Sponsors are positioning themselves to take more ownership of their data and processes, further questioning the need for relying on a third-party middleman.

Halloran’s November Town Hall focused on how Sponsors have adopted new tools and processes to provide better and more rapid access to critically important operational and patient data. The panel members discussed important steps to utilize new tools and processes, including understanding where to start, selecting technology and building internal capability, and implementing those processes to operate better in an increasingly data-rich environment.

What is Your Why?

Data has always been critical for decision making, and as the volume of data (and data sources) continues to increase, new platforms and technology solutions are emerging that can help sponsors better harness the power their data holds. Prior to embarking on any specific data platform or solution, it is important to clearly define your problem statement and what you want to achieve. This is your why. After framing what you are trying to solve for, you will be better informed if you have the internal capability and infrastructure available vs. pursuing an off-the-shelf solution.

During the Halloran Town Hall, only 31% of attendees indicated that they were satisfied with the level of service they currently receive from their vendors around access to trial data (both patient and operational). This is an excellent “why”.

The Benefits of Data Accessibility

  1. Agility – Access to your own data and analytics quickly to enable decision making in real time.
  1. Scalability – while maintaining a single source of truth
  1. Quality – perhaps the most important value proposition.

What is Your How?

Implementing and Maintaining the Data Solution

So you have identified your “why” – now you need to tackle your “how”. Below are some considerations to keep in mind when implementing a data platform or technology solution.

Change Management

Pilots and Use Cases


Partners and Vendors

Winning the Race

Ten months after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, the virus continues to impact our industry. We have been forced to be creative and to tackle new challenges with creative solutions. We have modified the way we construct trials, conduct trials, and collect data…and are marshalling toward the next frontier: aggregating, organizing, and visualizing the data.

Winning the data race is really about shortening the course and accessing your data sooner in an informative way. To do this, we must look to new technologies and data solutions that enable us to efficiently consume and digest our data better. The world, including the microcosm of a clinical trial, is ever evolving, and maybe more rapidly than ever. Luckily, there are new automated solutions to help us keep up.

Please reach out to us if we can help in any way or would like to be included in any of our upcoming town halls.