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The Post-COVID-19 Clinical Trial: Finally Understanding the Meaning of Patient Centricity

Lessons Learned from a Virtual Town Hall held on May 8, 2020

Much of the daily news focus is on the race to produce vaccines and therapies to combat the spread of COVID-19. While this work is undeniably important, we mustn’t lose sight of what keeps our industry running: the patients we serve. Despite being instrumental to our mission of making lifesaving therapies accessible to all, patient perspectives are far too often lost in the wake of “flashier” news about approvals, supply chains, and scientific breakthroughs.

Halloran’s seventh virtual town hall convened patients and patient advocacy experts for a discussion about how the very people we seek to serve are experiencing the pandemic. Patient centricity has been a buzzword in industry circles for quite some time now, with sponsors equating it to either reduced protocol assessments or increased use of technology in trials– but can a trial truly be patient-centric without obtaining direct input from the patient, to begin with? Our industry has a lot to learn about patient-centric trials but giving patients a voice will help us better understand their concerns, needs, and hopes so we can do our jobs better both during COVID-19 and after it loosens its grip on the world.

Patient perspective on participating in clinical trials during COVID-19

General patient concerns:

What sponsors can do:

Patient perspective on participating in clinical trials after COVID-19

General patient perspective:

What sponsors can do:

Enabling patient-centric protocol design

Steps sponsors can take to build a patient-centric program:

If there’s one good thing that comes out of this pandemic’s devastation, it’s a renewed energy toward putting patient perspectives back at the forefront of our work. As one panelist pointed out, it’s important to remember that “we’re all patients at one time or another” – we must find a way to let that empathy drive our work toward setting a new standard of patient centricity.

Please reach out to us if we can help in any way or would like to be included in any of our upcoming town halls.


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