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Ask the Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of Healthcare?

Laurie Halloran was recently featured by Future of Everything, alongside other industry thought leaders, for her thoughts on the future of healthcare. Read the full article here. 

Laurie’s thoughts on the future of healthcare
The state of the healthcare industry in 15 years will be directly related to what happens in our government in the next year or two. If I were being optimistic, my projection would be that the enablement and widespread evolution and integration of mobile applications for health maintenance and cost containment will enable patients to take even more control of their healthcare, and preventative measures in diet, exercise and wellness practices would extend the productive lifespan into the late 90s for many. My pessimistic side fears that if a widespread lack of affordable insurance and deportation of tens of thousands of our medical personnel based on their country of origin would create a very difficult scenario whereby the US population will continue to lose ground in mortality and morbidity, moving closer to countries who are lagging vs. leading.