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Biopharma IPOs in 2016: Fewer Offerings, Better Returns as Firms Adjust to Market Realities

Halloran founder and CEO, Laurie Halloran, recently spoke with Scrip Intelligence about the significance of biopharma IPOs in 2016, earning herself a spot on both In Vivo and Scrip Intelligence. Laurie shared her expertise on the role IPOs played in the biopharma industry in 2016 and their direct impact on young life science companies:

 “We are seeing that if there’s a really good product or portfolio, there’s enough for at least an IPO filing. . . If something represents a real breakthrough therapy or there’s significant opportunity for revenue, a company has a better opportunity to go public, but that depends on how much money the company will be able to raise.”

“I don’t see nervousness in the ecosystem in Boston for funding. I see activity for deals and acquisitions. There’s a lot going on, because there’s a continuous search for products to pull into big pharma. For the little companies, it’s about finding the funding to do what they need to do, but with the IPO window open they had more options. If you think of the ecosystem and where the money is coming from, pharma’s looking for products. It’s really still about making sure companies are able to go toward their next funding round and reach their next value inflection point.”

For Scrip Group subscribers, Laurie’s commentary can be viewed on In Vivo here and on Scrip Intelligence here.