Quality as a Culture, Sheila Gwizdak

Tue, Nov 12th 2019
San Diego, CA

We had a wonderful time kicking off the first-ever installment of our Halloran Speaker Series at BioLabs San Diego, Towne Centre Drive. 



Founded in 2019, the Halloran Speaker Series showcases the wide range of talent and knowledge through Halloran Consulting Group’s most seasoned strategic thinkers. With thought leaders in Clinical, Quality, Regulatory, and Organizational areas, the Halloran’s Speaker Series is an interactive way to stay up-to-date on current thinking and strategies to solving some of the biggest challenges facing the life science industry today. With events hosted across the country, Halloran strives to share their expertise and collaborate with all sectors of the life science community network.

Archived Event information:

Join us on November 12th for a discussion on "Quality as a Culture" - our inaugural event in this series. 

A culture of quality is a fundamental ingredient in reaching strategic and operational goals. Leadership plays an essential role in building and reinforcing a culture of quality through visible, consistent, and tangible communication so that each individual understands how quality applies to them. In our initial Speaker Series, we will explore the foundational elements required to build a culture of quality. Key topics include: 

  • What do we mean by “Quality as a Culture”?
  • Why is a culture of quality important NOW more than ever?
  • How can the organization be convinced of the value of a quality culture?
  • Where is my organization on the quality culture maturity curve?
  • How can organizations embed the elements of a culture of quality?

A culture of quality creates an environment focused on transparency, and continuous improvement, through effective and repeatable processes and outcomes. By forging a collaborative culture of quality, an organization is better positioned to enhance their performance, credibility, and sustainability to continue to stretch the frontier of what is possible.