BIO 2019 PANEL: Opportunities and Challenges of Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Mon, Jun 3rd 2019
105AB, Level 100

Are you attending BIO 2019? Check out our Panel: Opportunities and Challenges of Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Our industry has been shaped by an ever-changing landscape, with emerging science disrupting the status quo to offer new hope for patients with unmet medical needs. Cell and gene therapies (CT/GT products) are the latest wave of advanced technologies shaping the face of the modern-day arena.

During this session, speakers will reflect on the cross-functional opportunities and significant challenges they faced in early development of CT/GT products in addition to discussing future milestones and anticipated obstacles along the way. Attendees will receive a real-world perspective on the development of CT/GT products from peers who have been in their shoes.

Ability Level: All

BIO Session ID: 503591

Moderated by Niki Gallo of Halloran Consulting Group. Panelists include Dr. Mitchell Finer, Executive Partner at MPM Capital, Dr. Kailash Bohl, Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Janet Lambert, CEO at Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, and Dr. Michael Paglia, Sr. Vice President, CMC Operations at Elevatebio.