Starting up a Life Science Division


A mature, global animal health company wanted to expand into human healthcare.  The company was unsure whether their lead product was ready to advance to IND-enabling activities.  The company also lacked expertise in human clinical product development.


  • Halloran evaluated the data package for their lead product and established that IND-enabling activities should commence.
  • Halloran evaluated the company’s manufacturing facilities and provided a multi-year plan project plan to support Good Manufacturing Practice product manufacturing.
  • Halloran led the project team and supplemented the company’s resources with team leads for clinical, toxicology and regulatory.
  • Since the company sought to build organizational capabilities for future life-science projects, Halloran mentored and trained staff, establishing an infrastructure to enable expansion of the new business unit.


The company projects being in the clinical space less than one year from the start of collaborating with Halloran. The client developed infrastructure and skilled staff internally to work on future pharmaceutical programs.  The rapid advancement of the lead program into the clinic was critical in securing additional funds to support this business expansion.