Be Good. Be Strong. Support Jennie's Cause.


At Halloran, I am very fortunate to work alongside remarkable people – people who are dedicated to discovering and developing new therapies that improve human health.  The intelligence, drive, creativity, and passion I see from our clients and my colleagues is continually inspiring.  It is humbling to be immersed in such a focused effort to better humanity. 

As cliché as it is, we all know that age and illness will catch us at some point.  That knowledge is a catalyst for action.  At home, it reminds us to hug our kids, to call our parents, and to love unconditionally.  At work, it demands we do whatever we can to bring products to patients in need as efficiently as possible.

One of my colleagues, a Halloran consultant, knows this all too well. 

This year will mark the 10th and final time Jennie Sheridan will run the Boston Marathon.  In those ten years, Jennie has raised over $366,000 for cancer research and has been honored by Dana Farber Cancer Institute as one of their top fundraising marathon runners of all time – something that earned her a profile in both the Boston Globe and on  Yet you will be hard-pressed to find someone as humble, thoughtful, and centered as Jennie.

A common question for marathon runners is “Who are you running for?”  For Jennie, the answer to that question is Molly, Mary, and John.

In her own words:

“10 years ago around this time was the beginning of 3 of the most difficult years of my life.  Three of my siblings, Molly, Mary, and John, lost their lives to cancer in a three-year period, and it began in 2008.  The years leading up to February of 2008 were certainly a challenge as each of them endured many treatments and surgeries.  But that month is when cancer became too much for Molly’s body to endure.  A year later John succumbed to the disease after a 10-year fight, and two years later Mary lost her life.  It was devastating.” 

Anyone who reads Jennie’s story can imagine how heartbreaking this has been for her.  And we’re able to because each of us has lost someone to cancer.  No family is left untouched by this disease, making Jennie’s efforts not just for her family but for all of ours as well. 

Please read Jennie’s full story on her website.

Jennie’s website is aptly named Be Good. Be Strong., and she is definitely both.  In addition to running marathons and raising money for DFCI, Jennie coaches soccer, has started a non-profit “Fit Girls,” and is devoted to her family and friends, all while being one of the nicest people you ever could meet. 

So, this year, Halloran has decided to do our part for Jennie. Halloran will be matching all donations – dollar for dollar – made by Halloran employees to Jennie’s fundraising effort. Also, Laurie Halloran and I will ask our oncology-focused clients to support her cause.

Please click here to donate to Jennie and help support cancer research at Dana-Farber.  You can also pick-up Be Good. Be Strong. hats, t-shirts, and hoodies here with all funds going directly to Dana-Farber.  

Thanks to all of you for your support.  It means so much to all of us here at Halloran as we help search for a cure.  As Jennie signs her blog posts - Be Good Be Strong.